Shot blasting, like sand blasting, is a finishing process that removes rust and other surface contaminants from metal. Unlike sand blasting, which uses compressed air to propel particles against a surface, shot blasting uses centrifugal force to blast the selected medium (usually metal beads or metal grit) against the surface of the workpiece.  

Shot blasting services such as those provided by Crosslink Fort Worth use an enclosed chamber machine. The workpiece is placed on a “tabletop” disc that, when the machine is closed and powered on, rotates at high speed to blast the piece from all sides and angles with the selected type of “shot” to remove undesirable substances from the surface.  

Crosslink Fort Worth is a shot blasting contractor that recently installed a 96-inch tabletop “Wheelabrator” shot blasting machine, the largest in the area. We can handle jobs that other shot blasting companies may not be able to accommodate.  

When you use Crosslink Fort Worth as your shot blasting contractor, we’re confident you’ll be so satisfied with our services that you’ll come back again for additional work. We understand the pressures of your fabrication or industrial business, so we strive to perform above expectations. We answer phones, return calls, and provide estimates promptly. We even have technology that allows you to check on your job’s progress, so you can anticipate delivery and when you’ll be able to get the part back in service.  

When your metal fabrication company or industrial business in North Texas needs to clean a machine component or prepare a large, newly fabricated part to accept industrial coatings, call Crosslink Fort Worth. We can pick up and deliver palleted items with one of our trucks. Shot blasting cleaning can renew the appearance of metal, remove burrs, and smooth the overall surface, improving performance.  

Be sure to ask us about our powder coating services as well. We can powder coat machinery, pipes, and decorative architectural and design elements for your plant or professional building. Powder coating is available in a multitude of colors that can improve visibility or color-code areas of your facility.  

We also provide ceramic coatings useful for vehicles and machinery that must endure high heat and/or resist chipping from gritty debris.  

In North Texas, manufacturers, fabricators, and warehouse operators count on Crosslink Fort Worth to provide superior ceramic coating, powder coating, sandblasting, and shot blasting services. Call today.  

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Amazing Experience

Crosslink does quality work and has outstanding customer service, I highly recommend them!

Mike Sumner / S&S Fabrication

Great Service!

Great people to work with! My outdoor furniture looks better than new!

Amanda W

Absolutely Wonderful

They have been absolutely wonderful to deal with everything I've had done has been done to absolute perfection.

Max Curtis

Job Well Done

The job was so well done that I had to call them to let them know.

Reid Howorth

The best work we've ever had!

Management is so happy with your work.From start to finish, how you serve the customer and the quality of the work. Our President, John Mickunas said it was the best work they have ever had.Even it was a big deal that the person delivering and picking up was very professional and helpful.
Thank you again!

Natalie N. / Eckels