With over 1,500 square feet of sandblasting space, Crosslink Fort Worth is a sandblasting company that can handle your large job. When you have a large piece that requires finishing or preparation for coatings or paint in North Texas, call Crosslink Fort Worth.

Sandblasting is a process that directs a high-pressure stream of particles toward a surface to remove oil or grease, paint, rust, or roughness. The result is a smooth surface that is ready to accept coatings. Here at Crosslink Fort Worth, we can both sandblast and powder coat your metal equipment or large parts and components.

Contrary to popular belief, sandblasting services don’t always often use sand anymore. Sand can contain silica particles, which present a major health hazard if inhaled. The experts at Crosslink Fort Worth use an OSHA-approved garnet.

Our sandblasting services require an expert touch to ensure parts are correctly cleaned and finished without damage. Skilled and experienced workers use specialized equipment, determine how to regulate the pressure level at which the particles are directed toward the work surface, and wear protective gear specifically designed to minimize the risk of respiratory hazards or other injury from flying particles and debris removed from workpieces.

At Crosslink Fort Worth, we are devoted to exceptional customer service. We’ll get you an estimate for your job within 24 hours, and when you call, a human being will answer or return your call promptly. As a local sandblasting company, we offer pick-up and delivery service, too, so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to move a large beam or piece of machinery to our shop for cleaning and preparation.

Sandblasting is more environmentally friendly than finishing processes that use harsh chemicals to remove contaminants or rust. The particulate material used to abrade surfaces is naturally occurring, and our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art dust collector to ensure quality. With sandblasting services from Crosslink Fort Worth, you can be sure that debris from your job will be cleaned up properly, and you’ll receive your item back in top condition. Choose Crosslink Fort Worth as your sandblasting contractor. The results will impress you.

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Amazing Experience

Crosslink does quality work and has outstanding customer service, I highly recommend them!

Mike Sumner / S&S Fabrication

Great Service!

Great people to work with! My outdoor furniture looks better than new!

Amanda W

Absolutely Wonderful

They have been absolutely wonderful to deal with everything I've had done has been done to absolute perfection.

Max Curtis

Job Well Done

The job was so well done that I had to call them to let them know.

Reid Howorth

The best work we've ever had!

Management is so happy with your work.From start to finish, how you serve the customer and the quality of the work. Our President, John Mickunas said it was the best work they have ever had.Even it was a big deal that the person delivering and picking up was very professional and helpful.
Thank you again!

Natalie N. / Eckels